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Wildlife At Tig Cottage

We proudly support the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere.

There's quite a lot of wildlife around Tig Cottage; this pheasant and his mate hadn't booked, so didn't get to come in! 

From the back garden, you may see or hear:



We've also seen a woodpecker, but only one, once!

We recommend the free "Merlin Bird ID" app to help you identify birdsong. 

We also have seen rabbits in the garden, and we have had molehills, suggesting we've had a mole in the garden too. 
Pipistrelle bats roost in the eaves in the autumn (they can't get into the cottage!)

Near the cottage, deer have regularly been seen (as close as crossing the road in front of the cottage, but more likely between the cottage and Colmonell), along with cows (sometimes including Belted Galloway cows) and sheep in the fields.There are foxes in the area, although you're unlikely to see them as they have far more space and food than the urban foxes most of us know. 

Ailsa Craig is a bird sanctuary, known for the gannet colony that lives there, but there are many other species on the Craig. If you are interested in travelling out to Ailsa Craig, there is one boat for hire that can take you out towards the Craig, the MFV Glorious. You can find out more about trips from the Ailsa Craig Trips website

Outside - Side Garden - Orange flowers - River slope.jpg
Our Reviews

The most perfectly presented property property we have ever booked. It’s so lovely we have rebooked for later this year!

Andy, UK

A beautifully appointed semi detached cottage next to a babbling brook in quite countryside overlooking fields of sheep during our stay. 10 minutes drive from the beach at Ballantrae village. Would highly recommend this cottage for anyone wanting peace and quiet to recharge. Also wonderful for star gazing with no light pollution.

Christopher, UK

Brilliant place to stay enjoy unwind and relax .would defo recommend this place if anyone is looking for a quieter place to stay but with all the mod cons ..defo home from home ..loved it and will defo be back

Hayley, UK

The hosts had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to make Tig Cottage homely and welcoming. The information booklet was comprehensive and very useful. Lots of wee extras we did not necessarily expect but appreciated.

Colin, UK

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